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Planeo pivot

The planeo is a  step used by the leader when he has stepped forward then pivots, tracing his foot on the floor, with the woman dancing around him.


Planeos and Calesitas tend to get confused with one another. The difference between the two is that in the Planeo, the leader will lower the follower’s level by lowering their level which causes the follower’s leg to make a longer stride. The follower still maintains all their weight on one axis as the leader take the follower around in a circle. The follower maintains their low level figure until the leader straightens his knees causing the follower to straighten and bring their feet together. When changes of level are discussed in Argentine Tango, you are talking about bending the knees. The Calesita on the other hand has no knee bend. It is a straight figure.

Lets demonstrate a Plaeno from a forward ocho. The leader steps side to the left with their left foot, steps forward with their right foot to the outside of the follower. The leader then steps forward with their left foot and leads the follower into the cross. The leader then leads the follower into a forward ocho, pivots her into a second forward ocho. However, on the second forward ocho, the leader steps forward with their right foot around the back of the followre simultaneously bending their knee. The leader starts to take repeated backward steps with knees bent pivoting the follower around in a circle. To finish the leader collects and straightens their knees. The way the Planeo lead works is thru the bend of the knee. When the leader bends their knee, the follower has no choice but to bend their knee as well. If the leader doesn’t bend their knee, the steps become a Calesita rather than a Planeo.

Cadena & Planeo

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