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The development of argentine tango did not end with Tango Nuevo. 21st-century tango is known as Neotango, “Electro Tango” or “Tango Fusion”, where electronic influences range from subtle to dominant.

Tanghetto and Carlos Libedinsky are strong examples of the subtle use of electronic musical elements. The music still feels like tango but with a modern twist. Gotan Project is a group that formed in 1999 in Paris, consisting of musicians Philippe Cohen Solal, Eduardo Makaroff and Christoph H Muller. Their releases include Vuelvo al Sur/El capitalismo foráneo (2000), La Revancha del Tango (2001), Inspiración Espiración (2004), and Lunático (2006). Their tango sound features electronic elements like samples, beats and sounds on top of a tango groove. Some dancers love dancing to this music, however more traditional dancers regard it as a questionable break in style and tradition.

Bajofondo Tango Club is another example of Electro Tango. Further examples can be found on the CDs Tango?, Hybrid Tango, Tangophobia Vol. 1, Tango Crash (with a major jazz influence), Latin Tango by Rodrigo Favela (featuring classic and modern elements), NuTango. Tango Fusion Club Vol. 1 by the creator of the milonga called “Tango Fusion Club” in Munich, Germany, Felino by the Norwegian group Electrocutango and “Electronic Tango”, a compilation CD. In 2004, the music label World Music Network released a collection under the title The Rough Guide to Tango Nuevo.

20th Century Tango

Over the two first decades of this century, countless bands have launched playing new forms of tango. The most well known bands leading this trend have been the Orquesta Típica Fernandez Fierro, whose creator, Julian Peralta, would later start Astillero and the Orquesta Típica Julián Peralta. Other bands include Orquesta Rascacielos, Altertango, Ciudad Baigón, as well as singer and songwriters Alfredo “Tape” Rubín, Victoria di Raimondo, Juan Serén, Natalí de Vicenzo, and Pacha González.

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