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The Golden Age of Argentine Tango

The “Golden Age” of argentine tango music and dance is agreed to have been the years between 1935 and 1952. Argentine Tango was performed by Orquestas Típicas, bands often including over a dozen performers.

Some of the most popular and influential tango orchestras included the orchestras of Mariano Mores, Juan d’Arienzo, Francisco Canaro, Carlos di Sarli, Osvaldo Pugliese, and Aníbal Troilo.

  • Juan D’Arienzo was called the “Rey del Compás” or “King of the Beat” for the insistent, driving rhythm which can be heard on many of his songs. “El Flete” is a great example of D’Arienzo’s approach.
  • Francisco Canaro’s early milongas are generally the slowest and easiest to dance to; and for that reason, they are the most frequently played at tango milongas. “Milonga Sentimental” is a well known example.
  • Carlos Di Sarli had a lush, grandiose sound, and emphasized strings and piano over the bandoneon. This style is heard in songs such as “A la gran muñeca” and “Bahía Blanca” (the name of his home town).
  • Osvaldo Pugliese’s first recordings were not too different from those of other dance orchestras, but over time he developed a complex, rich, and sometimes discordant sound, which is heard in his most famous songs, “Gallo Ciego”, “Emancipación”, and “La Yumba”. Pugliese’s later music was played for an audience and not intended for dancing, although it is often used for stage tango for its dramatic style, and sometimes played late at night at milongas.

List of tango bandleaders during the Golden Age of tango:

Adolfo Carabelli

Alberto Di Paulo

Alfredo De Angelis

Alfredo Gobbi

Angel D’Agostino

Aníbal Troilo

Armando Cupo

Carlos di Sarli

Ciriaco Ortiz

Juan Maglio Pacho

Domingo Federico

Donato Racciatti

Edgardo Donato

Enrique Mario Francini

Enrique Rodriguez

Florindo Sassone

Francisco Canaro

Francisco Lomuto

Francisco Rotundo

Héctor Varela

Horacio Salgán

José Basso

Jose Garcia Y Sus Zorros Grices

Juan Cambareri

Juan d’Arienzo

Juan de Dios Filiberto

Juan Polito

Julio de Caro

Lucio Demare

Miguel Caló

Miguel Villasboas

Osvaldo Fresedo

Osvaldo Pugliese

Pedro Laurenz

Pedro Maffia

Ricardo Malerba

Ricardo Tanturi

Roberto Firpo

Rodolfo Biagi

Venado Tuerto

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