Argentine Tango Steps

    The Vals (or Tango Waltz)

    The Vals is tango danced to Waltz music played with tango instrumentation. It can be danced in either open or…
    Argentine Tango Music

    The Bandoneon

    The Bandoneon is a type of concertina popular in Argentina and Uruguay. It is an essential instrument in most tango…
    Argentine Tango Steps


    A tango step that uses the methodology and principles of ‘Apilado’ is the Argentine Volcada. It is a shared axis…
    Argentine Tango Steps

    The Sweep or Drag (Barrida or Arrastre)

    This uniquely tango step requires the leader to use one of his feet to move the follower’s foot using a…
    Argentine Tango Music

    Argentine Tango Music and Step Speed

    Argentine tango can be danced with any tempo on any step. You can do slow steps, very slow steps or…
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