Argentine Tango History

    Styles of Argentine Tango Dance

    Tango Canyengue The word Conyengue comes from the Kikongo language and translates as “melting with the music”. It was used…
    Argentine Tango History

    The Golden Age of Argentine Tango

    The “Golden Age” of argentine tango music and dance is agreed to have been the years between 1935 and 1952.…

    Argentine Tango in Films and Movies

    Films all about Argentine Tango Tango (1913) with Lucyna Messal, Józef Redo. Short film featuring Tango dancers made in Poland.…
    Argentine Tango Steps

    Adornos: Intrusiones

    Intrusiones (Intrusions) are Adornos or Embellishments where the tango dancer puts their foot or leg between their partner’s legs. This…
    Argentine Tango History

    Francisco Canaro

    Francisco Canaro  (November 26, 1888 – December 14, 1964) was an Uruguayan violinist and tango orchestra leader. Nickname: Pirincho (a…
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