Argentine Tango Steps

    Sandwich (or Sanguchito)

    This is the tango position where the leader “sandwiches” the follower’s foot between their feet. In Spanish there are a…
    Argentine Tango Steps

    Inside and Outside Cadenas

    The Outside Cadena Inside Cadena (chain) The leader steps to the left with their left foot and transfers their weight…
    Argentine Tango Steps

    Argentine Tango Disassociation

    Disassociation. The word ‘dissociate’ means “to break or cause to break the association between people, places, or things”. Disassociation in…
    Argentine Tango Steps


    Arrependitas are steps that are changes of direction, or rebounds, in which the leader stops the movement forward or backward…
    Argentine Tango Steps

    The Tango Close

      The most used closing move in Argentine Tango is a three step pattern called el Resolucíon (the Resolution). It’s…
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