Argentine Tango Steps

    Pivots and Zigzags

    The Pivot is a very important step in the Argentine tango. The pivot is where the dancer twists their body…
    Argentine Tango Lessons

    What is a Milonguero?

    A ‘Milonguero’ is a man who learnt to dance in the milongas often not taking any formal lessons. They would…
    Argentine Tango Music

    The Milonga Dance

    The word “Milonga” has two different meanings to argentine tango dancers. The first meaning of the word Milonga is an…
    Argentine Tango Steps

    Adornos: Golpes or Toe Taps

    One kind of Adorno is Golpes (Toe Taps). Normally when taking a step the foot glides along just above the floor as…
    Argentine Tango Steps

    Corridas and Toquecitos

    Corridas Corridas, or “runs” are a series of small, fast steps that can be taken moving forwards, backwards, or sideways.…
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