Argentine Tango Steps

    The Argentine Tango Basic Step

    Also known as: The Basic Eight The Eight Count Basic The Eight Step Basic Following the Baldosa, the 8 count…

    Welcome to

    With no milongas, practicas or lessons as a result of COVID-19, we decided to create a website devoted to Argentine…
    Argentine Tango Music

    Argentine Tango Music and Step Speed

    Argentine tango can be danced with any tempo on any step. You can do slow steps, very slow steps or…
    Argentine Tango Steps

    Some Basic Guidelines for being a Good Argentine Tango Partner

    Argentine Tango isn’t just about learning the right step and the correct patterns. The steps and patterns are obviously necessary…
    Argentine Tango Steps

    Turns in Argentine Tango

    There are Eight Turns in Argentine Tango that are commonly used. These eight common turns are, in order of use…
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