Argentine Tango Steps

    The Argentine Tango Embrace

    In Argentine tango, the dancers’ chests are closer to each other than their hips are, and sometimes there is gentle…
    Argentine Tango Steps


    Atrapar is to trap someone, and atrapada is a trapped woman. The term “Atrapadita” is diminutive, so the foot trapping step should be…
    Argentine Tango History

    The History of Argentine Tango Music

    There is some debate about the precise origins of Argentine Tango music. It is quite clear that the present form…
    Argentine Tango Steps

    The Ocho Cortado

    The Ocho Cortado is a popular foundational pattern with a number of variations. “Cortado” is translated into English as “cut”,…
    Argentine Tango Lessons

    What is a Milonguero?

    A ‘Milonguero’ is a man who learnt to dance in the milongas often not taking any formal lessons. They would…
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