Argentine Tango Steps

    The Baldosa Box

    The Baldosa Box, or simply Baldosa, is a 6-step figure that is taught as one of the introductory tango figures.…
    Argentine Tango Steps

    Continuous Back Casadas – Sacada Atras

    Both Leader and Follower have similar roles when performing continuous Back Sacadas. Both roles are based on the technique of…
    Argentine Tango Steps

    La Salida

    The Salida A pattern that indicates a beginning is called a Salida. Literally translated as “exit,” in tango dancing it…
    Argentine Tango Steps

    Paradas (Stop) and Pasadas (Stepovers)

    The parada (or stop) is a move that is considered unique to tango as it is not found in other dances. The…
    Argentine Tango Steps

    Side Steps in Argentine Tango

    There are two principal side steps in Argentine Tango: The Side Step is a frequently used first or opening step…
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