Argentine Tango Steps

Ending figures in Argentine Tango

The most popular endings of tango are simple positions, for example “sandwich” or “tango close”.

The Sandwich or Sanguchito is the tango position where the leader “sandwiches” the follower’s foot between their feet often led from a backwards ocho. This is a great ending postion.

Even more common a ending position is the standard “tango close” also called “The Resolution”.

This where the leader steps forward with their left foot, brings their right foot near their left and step sideways to their right, then bring their left foot near their right to end with their weight on both feet.

However, there are more dramatic figures such as:

Corte   Bow (break, cut, stop)

Bow or break in the movements. Corte has also meaning of tango with embellishments as opposed to tango without them.

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