Argentine Tango Steps

La Punalada – the Stab

La Puñalada (the Stab) is related to the Corté and the Lunge. It’s a stationary figure the leader usually does between basic steps. To do it the leader bends their supporting leg as much as they would on a side Corté and points their free leg straight out to the side. The leader’s heel should be lifted and only the toe of the leader’s shoe should touch the floor. Then the leader drags their free foot back to the neutral position while straightening their supporting leg back to its usual slightly flexed state.

It can be challenging to lead the Punalada because of the fact it is a stationary move so it is hard to communicate the lead to the follower. You lead it by slowing lowering your body and tilting your head to look down at your foot as you extend it and drag it back. Your partner will likely only know what to do if she has encountered the figure before.

You can also lead it as part of a false start: step to the side but reverse direction before you put more than a little bit of weight on your stepping foot.

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