Argentine Tango Steps


Atrapar is to trap someone, and atrapada is a trapped woman. The term “Atrapadita” is diminutive, so the foot trapping step should be small and cute.


A good way to start an Atrapadita is from a basic. The leader steps back with their right foot, steps sideways to the left with their left foot and then steps forward with their right foot to the outside of the follower. The Atrapadita begins at this point with the leader pivoting 90 degrees to their right and places their left foot immediately behind their partner’s left foot beginning the process of trapping it in place. The leader then transfers their weight onto their left foot, pauses, and then slides their right foot next to the follower’s left foot and as a result traps the partner’s left foot between the leader’s feet. At this point, the leader’s back is facing their partner. In effect, they are performing a sandwich except the leader is backwards to their partner not forwards. The Atrapadita has been accomplished. To begin the exit, the leader then steps backwards with their right foot over the follower’s left foot. The leader can then pause with their weight back on their right foot. The leader can then pivot and turn the follower around them from right to left and into a pasada. The follower can then step over the leader’s left foot with their right foot, pivot, do a forward ocho and finish with a tango close.

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