Argentine Tango Steps

Giros (or Turns) or Molinete

There are 3 key terms to know when discussing Giros:

  • The Giro (or turn)
  • Contragiro which is a giro performed in the opposite direction to the regular version; and
  • Molinete (or windmill / grapevine)

The concept of the giro is that the follower performs a sequence around the leader with the following combination: side step – back step – side step – forward step – side step – back step – side step – etc. Here are some videos that demonstrate these steps:

Diego Blanco & Ana Pedron – How to do the grapevine

Osvaldo Zotto & Mora Godo – Turn with rulo

Here is an example of an advanced molinete combination by Jordi & Lia

This video looks at turns (giros) to both sides of the embrace and explores the use of lapiz and sacadas.

Step around turn to right in Vals

Dynamic turn to the open side with variations

Giro with Sacada to Back Cross to Volcada

Giros with Rulos

Giro / Turn con Arrastre Planeo

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