Argentine Tango Steps

Adornos: Rondes and Boleos

Another type of Adorno is the Ronde (Round). These are circles made on the floor with the tip of your shoe. Try this: with your left shoe-tip make a six-inch counterclockwise circle. Now with your right shoe-tip make a clockwise circle. Then with your left shoe make several circles that grows larger each time around; do the same with your right foot.

Closely related to the Ronde is an intermediate-level Adorno called the Boleo. To do one, begin a circle with your left shoe that starts small but grows larger and continues behind you. Keep your knees together and point the toes of your left foot. See if you can make an arc on the floor ending with your lower leg straight out to your right side. You’ll have to twist your lower body to do this, but keep your upper body facing forward. Then bring your left foot back to the neutral position. Also try doing the Boleo with your lower leg in the air. Now, do the same thing with your right foot.

If you’re a woman and wearing heels, try a variation the Boleo. Make it small enough that you can tuck your free foot in behind your supporting foot.

Rondes and Boleos are done more often by women, but men can do them too. They can be done when walking forward; Boleos can be done after a side step and can be not only spontaneous but led (though that is a more advanced topic). They are more usually done when stopped. They provide the basis for some advanced tango dance figures (and are good agility exercises!).

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