Argentine Tango Steps

The Castigada

The word Castigada comes from the verb castigar which means to punish. So it basically means a punishment! It is a lifting of the follower’s working leg followed by flexing at the knee and caressing the working foot down the outside of the supporting leg. It is often done as an adorno before stepping forward, as in parada or in ochos.

How to execute the Basic Castigada Figure.


1. Half step back

2. Side step to the left

3. Collect and Walk on three

4. Leading lady to 4 with intention while standing on 3.

5. Castigada reverse direction of intention with axis.

6. Lady steps down on Castigada right foot to ground.

7. ladies Ocho away from leader

8. Ladies Collect and pivot parallel with follower.

9. Shift weight to right.

10. Lead lady out the resolution with left.


1. Half Step forward

2. Side step right.

3. Collect and walk back on 3 with left,

4. Continue 4 step as a walk hooking the castigada on the left supporting leg.

5. Drop foot down into Ocho walk towards,

6. Ocho away from leader with left.

7. Collect and pivot to parallel.

8. Back with right leading out on resolution.


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